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Zeta Citi Black Stroller Buggy

Price:  £89.95  NOW  £34.95

Age Range:  Birth onwards

Cheapest place to buy:  Amazon

Dimensions:  105 x 30 x 22cms

My Rating 4.5  of 5*


“Really good buggy at reasonable price!”Zeta Citi Black Stroller

This is a lightweight buggy with umbrella fold for a compact folded size. It has lockable front wheels with a multi-recline position back.

This buggy comes with a 12-month free warranty when purchased and used from birth only, the warranty becomes void if purchased and used for babies over 12 months.

Reviews show that most buyers found this a sturdy, substantial buggy that lasts for several years.

The ability to alter the back recline position to allow babies to sleep comfortably was also a definite ‘plus’!

My Summary:  “Well made, steers and folds easily, great sunshade and useful recline facility. High quality… built to last!”


7 Key Points To Ponder…

What type of buggy or stroller are you looking for?

A light, easy, transportable buggy / stroller or something sturdier.

What will it be used for?

Just for walking locally or will it need to be folded regularly on public transport or car journeys.

What is your budget for this….?

Is this item realistic for your needs? Will you need to add extras later?

Does it include all the safety aspects/needs required?

Does it meet any industry required standards?

Do you or your child have any additional needs for this item?

Is it age appropriate?

Will you or your child require support with this item?  If so is it a practical buy?

Will it suit my lifestyle / my child’s needs?

Is this item actually what you are looking for? Could you get better value for your budget?

Will I / my child be able to ‘try’ before I buy?


All products reviewed have been chosen for their superior quality and are designed to offer good quality features for the price of the item.

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