Your Baby Is Here!

Parenthood is the most precious gift and the doorway to the most extraordinary love you will have ever known… as well as the ultimate responsibility!

Pregmancy mum and dadIt will stretch you beyond what you ever imagined you were capable of…

Being a parent can be a source of supreme fulfilment and at times, a cause of some of the deepest heartbreak.

It will be almost impossible to anticipate what will be on the other side of your transformation into ‘parent’ or indeed what your life will look like after your baby arrives.

Life with your New Baby!

The moment your child is born, it seems that your life has undergone some seismic changes.

However ordered and organized life was before this tiny creature arrived, you can be pretty certain it will no longer stay that way!Baby feet mothers hand

This joyous event will turn your whole outlook on life, any routines and your relationships upside down and inside out.

This baby will bring into your life a love that is unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.

What was paramount before now seems less significant and a whole new set of priorities arise as you begin to experience life in a totally unfamiliar way.

As you assume your new identity of “parent”, within an instant your world is never quite the same again.

Becoming a parent is a huge transition.

Being a parent inevitably changes the way we choose to live our lives.

Lack of sleep and time together, possibly extra money worries, less personal time and more anxieties will all pile extra pressure on our relationships.Insecurity image

Often the ‘partner’ role is squeezed out to make room for the ‘parent’ role much faster for women than for men and this can often lead to feelings of jealousy.

Sometimes one of you (often the father), may feel left out, the strong bond between a mother and her baby can sometimes feel like a threat to your relationship

Help from family and friends can be a bonus, but this can also cause tension. Although becoming a parent is completely wonderful and joyful, it can also be exhausting and stressful.

If I say that becoming a parent will change your life totally and for the rest of your life, it seems like an understatement. But this is what it surely does!

You can prepare, plan, speculate and imagine, but what it comes down to is this…

No one knows exactly how their life will change when they become a parent.

They only know for certain that it will!

And So The Great Adventure Begins…

Boy Teddy Steps

What was your greatest challenge on becoming a new parent?

I’d love to hear your views on this topic, please leave your comments below…

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