The Importance of a Routine.

Having a new baby is normally a joyful event.

Family organizerAlthough, inevitably it will change feelings and needs between parents.  Either of you may feel tested to the limit and experience problems adjusting to the pattern of your new life together with your little one.

Whilst you may be overjoyed at having your new baby, all the new ‘immediate’ demands can often put an enormous strain on your relationship.

A family ‘organizer’ (or diary) can be a vital secret ingredient to efficiently managing your family life day by day.

Practical parents swear by them and all it takes to become an organized parent is a quick lesson in how to make the most of your family organizer.

Determine a place where it can ‘live’ permanently, somewhere that everyone using it will be able to easily access it… next to the phone or on a kitchen counter.

Do not move it!

Diary on tableRewrite all the crucial family events, such as birthdays and appointments, promptly into your family organizer.

Collect up all those loose bits of paper with things like important dates or meetings and copy those into the organizer.

When letters arrive, add dates and information immediately.

If you haven’t got time, put the letter inside the front cover so you don’t lose it and enter the information later.

Show your partner/other family members how to use it and explain that they will need to put their information in too.

Once this process becomes a basic family routine, everyone will know when to conveniently arrange meetings, appointments and trips in order to avoid ‘double’ bookings or no-one being available to collect baby from nursery on time!

There’s no point having a family organizer if you’re the only one that fills it in!

Effective hints and tips for being a positive parent…

  • Write a daily ‘to do’ list and follow it.
  • Prepare the next day’s clothes for you and any other family members the night before.
  • Write a shopping list and plan a menu for the week ahead.
  • De-clutter regularly… wardrobes, study and kitchen cupboards.
  • Learn to relax, it’s amazing how much calmer life will seem.
  • Delegate tasks at work and around the house, you don’t have to do everything.
  • Always allow more time than you think you will need.
  • Eat breakfast and take a lunch break… you will be more effective.
  • Build in some form of daily exercise as it will give you more energy, even a short walk will do this.

Family palm hand

Do you have a useful hint or tip which helped you and your family towards a more calm and organized life?

I’d love to hear your views on this topic or if I can help in any way, please leave your comments below…

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