Positive Parent vs Perfect Parent?

Which Are you?Sad mother swings

I have just been listening to a friend who feels very unhappy, because they feel that they never seem to match up to the idea that they have in their head of the ‘Perfect Parent’.

Apparently, they felt that they should not offer their baby anything less!

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s crazy to put yourself under that sort of pressure?

Then I got to thinking about the word – perfect. Do we ever see perfection?

Unique – yes! Wonderful, fabulous, brilliant, even ‘damn-near’ perfect, ok.

But perfect, is there such a thing?

Most people make decisions based on the best options they have at the time. Guess, that’s all we can do and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

Then hindsight kicks in!

I think that we all need to make mistakes to be able to keep on learning.

Ok… it went wrong, but where’s the positive angle? What have I learnt from this experience?

How will I be able to improve next time?

It’s how we deal with it that’s important…


Positive Parents – Yes!   But Perfect Parents – never met one!Super person

What are your views on being a Perfect Parent?

I’d love to hear them, please leave your comments below…

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