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The Importance of a Routine.

Having a new baby is normally a joyful event.

Family organizerAlthough, inevitably it will change feelings and needs between parents.  Either of you may feel tested to the limit and experience problems adjusting to the pattern of your new life together with your little one.

Whilst you may be overjoyed at having your new baby, all the new ‘immediate’ demands can often put an enormous strain on your relationship.

A family ‘organizer’ (or diary) can be a vital secret ingredient to efficiently managing your family life day by day.

Practical parents swear by them and all it takes to become an organized parent is a quick lesson in how to make the most of your family organizer. Continue reading →

Your Baby Is Here!

Parenthood is the most precious gift and the doorway to the most extraordinary love you will have ever known… as well as the ultimate responsibility!

Pregmancy mum and dadIt will stretch you beyond what you ever imagined you were capable of…

Being a parent can be a source of supreme fulfilment and at times, a cause of some of the deepest heartbreak.

It will be almost impossible to anticipate what will be on the other side of your transformation into ‘parent’ or indeed what your life will look like after your baby arrives.

Life with your New Baby!

The moment your child is born, it seems that your life has undergone some seismic changes.

However ordered and organized life was before this tiny creature arrived, you can be pretty certain it will no longer stay that way! Continue reading →

Positive Parent vs Perfect Parent?

Which Are you?Sad mother swings

I have just been listening to a friend who feels very unhappy, because they feel that they never seem to match up to the idea that they have in their head of the ‘Perfect Parent’.

Apparently, they felt that they should not offer their baby anything less!

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s crazy to put yourself under that sort of pressure?

Then I got to thinking about the word – perfect. Do we ever see perfection?

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Babies in Boxes!

More than 80 years ago Finland began to give every expectant mother a Baby Box as a starter kit for their new baby.

Twins Baby Box

Additional to including clothes and all other new-born accessories, the actual Baby Box complete with mattress, was designed to be used as a first bed.

Evidence suggests that this continuing Baby Box program has allowed Finland to now hold one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates.

In the 1930’s Finland was economically poor and the infant mortality rate was high.

The Baby Box program was introduced at this time and infant mortality figures have been recorded as making a rapid improvement in the decades that followed.

Finland Infant Mortality Rate

The ‘Baby Box’ initiative still allows every expectant mother to claim a free baby box once she has received professional pre-natal care and parenting information.

This national program has been credited with supporting the decrease in Finland’s infant mortality rate from 65 deaths per 1000 births in 1938 to 3 deaths per 1000 children born in 2013.

One of the basic principles of the Baby Box policy is to promote good parenting education and skills.

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