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Best Quality, Low Cost Baby Travel Cots

What To Look For When Buying Your Baby A Travel Cot?

Investing in your own high-quality travel cot will reduce stress levels on all your travels with your baby.

Not to have to worry about where or whether the sleeping arrangements at a hotel abroad or even in a relative’s home are remotely suitable, will take a lot of pressure off staying away from home.

Once your baby is used to sleeping in the travel cot even at home during the daytime, it will not matter where you are, peaceful sleep should ensue!


Hauck Dream N Play

Travel Cot


Was £87.99 

NOW  £36.24

Suitable from

birth upwards

125 x 65 x 75 cm

Babyway Mimas Luxury

Travel Cot


Was £54.99 

NOW  £40.00

Suitable from

birth upwards

25 x 79 x 12 cm


Babyway Classic

Travel Cot


Was £49.99 

NOW  £25.00

From birth

to 3 years

18 x 75 x 8 cm


7 Key Points To Ponder…

What type of travel cot are you looking for?

A light, easy to transport travel cot or something sturdier.

What will it be used for?

Will it be used for holidays, travelling or as a more permanent feature at home or maybe a childminder’s home.

What is your budget for this….?

Is this item realistic for your needs? Will you need to add extras later?

Does it include all the safety aspects/needs required?

Does it meet any industry required standards?  Do you or your child have any additional needs for this item?

All cots sold in the UK must adhere to British Safety Standard BS EN 716 and BS EN 1466.

The Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) also recommend that cots should be at least 49.5cm depth to prevent a baby climbing out.

Is it age appropriate?

Will your child require support with this item?  If so is it a practical buy?

If you buy a travel cot with wheels for easy transit, always ensure that the wheels are locked whilst baby is in the cot to prevent accidental movement.

Will it suit my lifestyle / my child’s needs?

Is this item actually what you are looking for? Could you get better value for your budget?

Will I / my child be able to ‘try’ before I buy?



If you need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out…